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Transforming communication for Energy and Utility brokering

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Automated CRM Logging

Using NLP and workflow automation, VoiceIQ reduces post-call admin time to zero. Every call, including notes, recording, transcription and voice analytics, is automatically logged as an activity record in the CRM against the relevant record/s. But that’s not all, VoiceIQ can also automatically create or update lead, opportunity and case records based on content discussed during every call.


Smart Campaign Management

If you use a CRM to create campaigns, simply pass all campaign members and details to VoiceIQ with the click of one button. VoiceIQ will intelligently allocate calls to your agents based on a variety of measures set by you - campaign to calling in seconds!

Dynamic Hyper-Local Presence

Dramatically increase call connection rates by deploying VoiceIQ’s Hyper-Local Presence dialling. Every prospect called is shown a local number, matching their current local area. With VoiceIQ, even calls to mobile numbers will present local numbers.

Smart Call Transfer

On the occasions when a transfer is required, not only only is the call connection passed, but the new agent also receives a live call record, displaying the customer’s journey, any notes written, transcription, smart actions and current record being discussed. In one quick glance, the new agent is immediately up to speed on the customer’s issue.


First-Call Success

VoiceIQ’s suite of AI tools helps to increase the proficiency of your agents to push that first-call success rate up. Agents are guided by VoiceIQ’s live speech coaching, with suggestions such as “slow down”, “speak less” and “speak quieter” to help improve customer rapport. Similarly, using NLP, VoiceIQ retrieves relevant documents from your knowledge base in real-time to ensure agents are equipped with all the information they need.

Instant Web-To-Call

VoiceIQ’s instant web-to-call forms ensure prospects are called immediately. Rather than waiting for web forms to pass to your CRM, and then waiting for the CRM to assign to an agent and finally notifying the agent to make the outbound call, VoiceIQ integrates directly into your web forms. As soon as the prospect completes the form, VoiceIQ automatically dials the prospect and assigns an agent when the prospect answers.


Automated Cadence

Sometimes a prospect just can’t be reached, and when that happens you’re reliant on your agents to manage that lead with follow-up calls and other activity. Understandably however, a lot of agent focus is concentrated on the freshest leads, leaving considerable potential revenue untapped. With VoiceIQ’s Automated Cadence, follow-up calls, emails and SMSs are automatically scheduled according to a pre-configured cadence cycle.

Call Sharing

Energy suppliers often require evidence of verbal contract agreement, but the processes for passing the relevant call recording can be time consuming and disjointed. VoiceIQ’s Call Sharing enables anyone in your company to do this in seconds. Using Intelligent Filtering, finding the required call record can be done instantly. Clicking ‘Share Recording’ on the call record will generate a shareable URL that can be sent to the supplier by email.

Simple, elegant design

Your agents are on the phone all day, they need and want a system that is simple and easy to use. However, most dialler systems fall a long way short of that, leading to poor productivity and fatigue. VoiceIQ has been designed first and foremost to make the experience as delightful as possible for agents, providing everything they need and nothing they don’t.


The best phone system for energy and utilities brokering.

VoiceIQ is a purely cloud-based platform, enabling your agents to keep talking to your customers, no matter where they are.

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