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Discover the #1 PAYG phone system.

Explore a business phone system that grows with you. Simple Pay-As-You-Go pricing to get you started.
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Why is pay as you go the way to go for your business?

Pay only for what you use
We don't believe in charging for something when you're not using it.
No upfront or fixed costs
Free licences remove all upfront and fixed monthly costs.
Capped spending limits
Never lose control of your spend with easy to manage limit caps.

As a start-up, we knew wanted to start on the right foot with a modern and flexible voice platform. VoiceIQ’s pay as you go pricing enabled us get started with very minimal cost and gave us a real measure of ROI on every call we make.

Melanie Krafts COO
Discover how VoiceIQ can help your startup

PAYG Pricing


/ minute
  •  VoiceIQ Softphone
  •  Your Own Number
  •  Campaign Dialer
  •  Transcribed Bookmarking
  •  CRM Integration
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Got a question about our PAYG pricing? Check out some of our frequently asked questions below.

What are the benefits of PAYG?

PAYG isn't always the best option for your business. But if you are exploring a new solution or have an average of less than 1000 minutes per user, PAYG is definitely the best option.

PAYG allows you to control your spending and removes the potential financial barrier to getting started with a new voice solution.

Does PAYG come with a contract?

No, another great benefit is that our PAYG plans do not commit you to minimum spend or contract. If you don't make any calls you won't be billed!

What are the differences between Starter and A.I PAYG plans?

The Starter plan gives you everything you need for a business phone system including call recording, campaign dialling, CRM integration and much more.

The A.I plan gives you all of starter plus more including voice sentiment analytics, team dashboards, bookmark transcription and action automation.