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Call Bookmarking

Become a super agent and capture every detail

Tag important aspects of conversations such as complaints, cross-sell opportunities, contact information, compliance risks, competitor mentions and much more.

CRM Integration

Be prepared for every call and remove time-consuming admin

CRM Integration
VoiceIQ connects to your existing CRM system with ease. Sync contacts, integrate with campaigns and workflows, save call records and notes, view associated records, and analyse key metrics in customisable dashboards.

No CRM? VoiceIQ’s in-built CRM allows you to create and track leads, opportunities and support cases. All activity is automatically saved to the relevant contact and account records maintaining a live, 360 degree of your customers. .

Call Recording

Simple and instant call recording

With call recording and call bookmarking, replay the important segments of every conversation to get a thorough understanding of every customer engagement - no need to rely on call notes or your agent’s memory!

GSuite Integration

Run your business on GSuite? VoiceIQ is the perfect integration

Login with Google and get calling straight away! Seamless contact and calendar synchronization with easy storing of call recordings in Google Drive.

Call Note Taking

Capture those important details on every call

Take notes during and after a call. Notes are saved automatically against the call record making team collaboration a breeze!

Web Click-To-Dial

Turn every application into a smart softphone

No more manual dialling! With VoiceIQ's browser plugin, simply click a phone number to start calling.

Document Viewing

Store documents in VoiceIQ to help agents answer any question

Upload FAQs, product specifications, scripts, terms and conditions and much more. VoiceIQ’s intuitive user interface presents documents to agents during conversations to help with those trickier questions.

Reports and Dashboards

Make informed decisions about how to maximise business efficiency

With direct integration to your CRM, VoiceIQ makes it easy to surface meaningful insights about your company’s calling operations. View fully customisable dashboards and reports optimised for every department in your company

And VoiceIQ’s powerful softphone

International Numbers

A phone system, as global as your company. Set up phone numbers in over 100 countries worldwide.

Business Hours

Use business hours to set when numbers and teammates are able to receive calls


Record custom voicemail messages and assign them to individual numbers and groups.

Call Routing

A phone system, as global as your company. Set up phone numbers in over 100 countries worldwide.


Assign extensions to each teammate that colleagues can quickly dial.

Warm Transferring

Transfer calls to other teammates by talking to them before the call connects

Hunt Groups

Set up inbound call groups based on department, skill level, location, or anything you can think of!

Parallel Calls

Place your current call on hold and receive calls from another

Pause/Resume Recording

Protect callers sensitive information by pausing recordings at any point during a call

Forward to Phone

Never miss a call. Set up call forwarding to mobile devices when out of office

Progressive Dialing

Dial through entire call lists so that you don’t waste a second

Real-time Modifications

Amend company and teammate settings and apply changes immediately.

Localised Calling

Create and allocate numbers to match your local area code or country of operation

Email & SMS

Transfer calls to other teammates by talking to them before the call connects

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Supercharge your phone-based sales & service operations

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