Live call coaching and automation, powered by AI

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Live Coach

An intelligent assistant to make every call a success

VoiceIQ's Live Coach learns from your best performing agents to offer hints, tips and script guidance during every call. Let Live Coach take the leg work out of calls by presenting relevant documents and articles in real-time.

Automated Bookmarking

Capture important moments in conversation with real-time NLP

Make every one of your agents an expert with Automated Bookmarking. Let VoiceIQ detect compliance violations, complaints, cross-sell opportunities, contact information, competitor mentions and much more. Use filters, tags and keywords to search within conversations.

Automated Actions

Eradicate time consuming call admin forever

Keep your agents focussed on what they do best and let VoiceIQ do the hard work. Natural Language Processing and workflow automation turns moments in conversation into action. Create opportunities, cases, new leads, call backs and much more, completely automatically.

Predictive Call Scheduling

Call customers at a time convenient for them. No more voicemail!

Increase your call connection rates in a customer friendly approach by predicting the best time to call. Integrate your calendar and submit daily working hours to make the most out of your agent's time.

Intelligent Call Allocation

Remove the burden of manual call allocation and save time for what you and your teams do best

VoiceIQ’s intelligent allocation algorithms distribute incoming and campaign calls to each of your agents based on factors including mutual availability, previous call success, average call sentiment, and personality matching. Save time and exponentially improve campaign success.

Personality Matching

Connect agents and customers with complimentary personalities to increase call success rates

Detect the personality types of your agents and customers and let VoiceIQ connect inbound and campaign calls based on complimentary personalities.

Automated Data Correction

Auto-correct bad data and simplify GDPR compliance

VoiceIQ ensures seamless data synchronisation between your CRM and phone system. Incorrect contact numbers are automatically removed and corrected.

Advanced Analytics

Make informed decisions about how to maximise business efficiency

With direct integration to your CRM, VoiceIQ makes it easy to surface meaningful insights about your company’s calling operations. View fully customisable dashboards and reports optimised for every department in your company