VoiceNotes 3.0 - March 2020

Well...a lot has happened since our February VoiceNotes.

COVID-19, like for every business, has had quite the impact on VoiceIQ and in this edition of VoiceNotes, we’ll be discussing what impact it has had on us as company, what we’ve done to try and help our customers and what we plan to do to help the national response.

But that’s not all we’ve been up to in March…

Thanks to the incredible work from our development team, we continue to grow our international customer base AND launch VoiceIQ CRM - our very own CRM system. 

How has COVID-19 affected VoiceIQ?

Here at VoiceIQ we were very fortunate in our operational readiness for home working. VoiceIQ began as a completely distributed team of people, all working from home or in co-working spaces. Fast-forward a couple of years, and those principles remain the same. Yes we had become more centralised and often worked together in teams in Manchester, London and Sri Lanka, but our continued use of portable hardware and cloud technologies means that home working is only a minor change from ‘usual’. 

Some of the technologies we use, now more than ever, include:

  • Zoom - for team meetings and ‘scrums’
  • Slack - for team messaging and project managing 
  • Drift - for web chat with customers and prospects
  • VoiceIQ - for inbound/outbound calls to/from customers and prospects
  • Bitbucket - for code storage
  • Azure - Cloud Platform hosting solution

All the above technologies are available for free or for a very reasonable monthly subscription fee (so reasonable in fact, that we feel bad using our own software for free!) 

What have we done to help businesses?

As fortunate as we have been in our readiness for home working, there are many companies for whom the change has been and continues to be, challenging. 

Whilst Zoom and Slack are great tools for internal communication, they don’t offer a solution for talking to your customers. And as if switching to remote working wasn’t hard enough from a cultural perspective, for companies with deskphone set ups, there are huge technological barriers. Asking employees to take home physical deskphones and plug it into their router is simply not an option. 

We want to try and enable business as usual for as many companies as possible, especially those who rely on voice-based communication with their customers. To do this, we’ve created a home-workers package to make it easy and affordable to keep your phones ringing. 

With this package, we have removed all contract commitments so that you only need to pay for the months you need VoiceIQ and have reduced prices compared to our usual monthly fee by 33%. 

If you are concerned about monitoring employee activity, all calls made through VoiceIQ are logged immediately and automatically, providing activity reports in real-time. Call recordings and conversation bookmarks make it even easier to review exactly what is being said across your teams, no matter where they are. 

Cautious about giving your teams a new system to use and learn? We get it, so many enterprise software applications are built with poor user experience, however VoiceIQ is different. VoiceIQ has been designed with end-users in mind and comprises an incredibly intuitive interface. And for those occasional navigational or technical issues, our support team will commit to providing training calls or video calls to any of your users. 

You can find more details and information about how to get started here

What are we doing to help the fight against COVID-19?

Not satisfied with helping companies get through this disruptive time, we feel that VoiceIQ software can also be used to help support volunteers, community groups and health care professionals.

We will be creating a care customised web-based phone system that can be used by volunteers and health care workers to make and receive phone calls with the elderly, vulnerable and self-isolating. The system requires no physical infrastructure, simply a web browser. 

The system will provide the ability to add conversation bookmarks - specific medical bookmarks for healthcare workers and simpler bookmarks for volunteers. Healthcare workers and volunteers are a critical national resource and bookmarks make better use of them by highlighting the key points in conversation, providing vital context to others as calls are passed between volunteers and professionals.  This can dramatically speed up diagnosis, triage and the delivery of the appropriate care. 

All interactions between the vulnerable and carers are captured in a call history so that context related to the vulnerable person is readily available to health professionals. 

We are already working with a community group to test this solution and will be making a submission to TechForce19 to work with government to roll it out nationwide. 

VoiceIQ, a global solution

With the increased interest in home working, the difficulties of implementing a telecommunications solution for a distributed company is becoming apparent. 

More and more companies are broadening their geographic boundaries as it makes no sense to restrict talent pools to small local geographies. 

However, this can cause complications when trying to implement a telecoms system for all your employees. A truly global system can be costly to install and complex to bill and maintain. At VoiceIQ, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for globally distributed companies to enjoy the power of an AI-powered soft phone system. This is why we have created flexible international calling bundles and aim to have a full set-up completed in under a day. 

Please get in touch with us at team@voiceiq.ai if you are looking for an international calling solution. 

VoiceIQ CRM - the best solution for startups and small businesses

Last month we were thrilled to launch a considerable addition to the VoiceIQ platform. CRM functionality is now included with VoiceIQ meaning that any business, fed up with their CRM and phone system can swap both out for one simple, powerful system. Or for any start-ups taking their first steps into sales, VoiceIQ is now the one-stop solution for sales tracking and voice communication. 

Read our blog to find out exactly what you get with VoiceIQ CRM.

We want to be clear that VoiceIQ CRM is not designed to replace your Salesforce, or Hubspot or Microsoft Dynamics, however it is a great starting point for any small business or start-up. 

Start your sales operations with VoiceIQ CRM and then move seamlessly into your chosen power CRM with automated data synchronisation. All leads, opportunities, cases, contacts, account and calling activity logged in VoiceIQ CRM will appear in your new CRM - no need for complicated data exports and imports!

Start your free trial of VoiceIQ CRM today.

Maliha Shoaib
Copy Writer

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