VoiceNotes 2.0 - February 2020

VoiceNotes 2.0 

Another month gone and another opportunity to get to know what we’ve been up to at VoiceIQ since our last VoiceNotes

In this edition we discuss the addition of VoiceIQ’s CRM, new and improved pricing, the start of free trials and our government funded R&D project.


VoiceIQ CRM - Opportunity view

We have recently launched a significantly upgraded version of our ‘Essentials’ platform which now includes in-built CRM functionality. This means you can now enjoy all the benefits of VoiceIQ without the need to invest in a third-party CRM (of course if you already have a CRM, we offer very powerful integrations). 

With VoiceIQ CRM, you can manage, track and assign leads and progress them all the way to converted opportunities. View engagement activity for every contact and track performance with detailed campaign analytics. 

We have been overwhelmed by the response since launching VoiceIQ CRM and already have many of our customers enjoying the full VoiceIQ and CRM experience. Feel free to arrange a demo if you’d like to see it in action. 

New and Improved Pricing

VoiceIQ Pricing

Pricing, never a nice conversation. So we wanted to at least make the pricing at VoiceIQ as simple as possible. 

That’s why we have bundled VoiceIQ’s incredible features into two licence types.

VoiceIQ Essentials at just £20 per month (when bought annually), gives you:

  • VoiceIQ Softphone with unlimited minutes
  • Manual Bookmarking
  • Call Recording
  • CRM Integration
  • GSuite Integration
  • Call Note Taking
  • Web Click-To-Dial
  • Document Viewing
  • Basic Reporting

However, if you would prefer to keep your commitment monthly, rather than annual, you can experience all of the above for only £30 per month - cancel anytime. 

With both options we hope to offer flexibility and incredible value to our Essentials customers. 

For access to the entire suite of VoiceIQ’s features, including Live Coach, Predictive Call Scheduling, Automated Actions and the ability to bring your own voice carrier, this can be achieved with a ‘Power’ licence. The power licences have no fixed cost as this will depend greatly on the features required, the levels of customisation and the quantity of custom NLP models required. Rather than pigeon-holing every customer into one price point, we understand that every Power customer will have different needs and that pricing should reflect that. 

With the advanced flexibility of Power, introducing game-changing voice AI into your company has never been easier. 

Free Trials

VoiceIQ is free! 

Too good to be true right? Wrong!

We love what we've built at VoiceIQ and we want as many companies as possible to benefit from our platform.  That’s why we’ve now introduced 7 day free trials of VoiceIQ, giving you the flexibility to try out the true power of the platform before you commit to purchasing licences.

Get yourself a free trial here.  

VoiceIQ and University of Manchester

Image result for university of manchester
University of Manchester and VoiceIQ in partnership

Over the past month, CTO Amila and world-leading professors from the data mining and voice processing space, have been conducting interviews at the University of Manchester, with the aim of selecting a candidate to take the lead on a joint R&D project. 

The project, which aims to protect vulnerable people from phone-based financial mis-selling, is a joint venture between VoiceIQ and the University of Manchester, part funded by government through the KTP initiative

We have interviewed some incredible candidates from all over the Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and NLP domains. With a second-round of interviews to come in the next month, we are aiming to take the project to the next level in April. Stay tuned for more details and a dedicated VoiceNotes discussing the project in full.

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