Starting up - My first few months at VoiceIQ

I have worked in sales within SMB businesses for around 10 years and found my comfort zone with them. The best thing about doing that is as long as you do the job that you’re paid to do then your job is safe and you can relax. Trouble is, it gets boring…..

Back in September 2019, I decided to take a big risk and change direction completely. I jumped headfirst into a proper start-up. Absolutely nothing against my last company, they are an awesome bunch but I was there to do 1 job and only 1 job, sell. I have no issue with selling, it’s what I have done for so long and I’m not awful at it. However, when you do the same thing day in, day out it gets old and you find yourself looking for the next challenge.

This is why I decided to take a risk and snatch Sam’s hand off when he offered me a place on the team at VoiceIQ. I was fully aware of the challenge that lay ahead and actually was really hyped up by it. The reason I was so hyped up is that I could be a serious component of VoiceIQ’s growth and success but I would also be able to see the effect my input had on the business. 

Throughout the interview process, Sam and team told me that they would like my input around product development, marketing, account management, business systems and much more. This was right up my street and exactly what I was looking for, something that would challenge me and something I can mould. I was under no illusion that this wouldn’t be a walk in the park and something I would enjoy all of the time but I still wanted it. 

Soon came my start date, was I nervous? A bit maybe because I knew jack s**t about AI and Machine learning but I was more excited to jump in and get started. Over the first few days, I familiarized myself with the platform itself, sitting in on demos, having calls with Muj, our CEO and Amila, our CTO so they could outlay their vision for VoiceIQ for me to absorb. (In all honesty, it took me a while to grasp but I know one thing, VoiceIQ was pretty amazing and would be a game-changer)

It didn’t take long for it all to start to fall into place though as I wasn’t just hitting the phones and prowling LinkedIn, I was involved in product development calls, scrums, marketing meetings and loads more which was brilliant as I got to learn about the way the platform is viewed by the different people in the business. 

Once I had found my feet in the business and got my head wrapped around AI, NLP and Machine Learning it was time to take the message to market. Which, to my surprise, the majority of cold calls/emails etc were actually welcomed. I had some brilliant conversations with some great companies about working with VoiceIQ. Some sadly didn’t materialise, and some are progressing nicely. 

It’s not all about work though, another of my reasons for snatching at Sam’s offer was the promise of flexible working and the option to work from home. I was a bit dubious about this however because there are a few businesses that I have worked for that have offered “flexible working” but they mean “you can come in 5 minutes late and leave 5 minutes early once a quarter on a leap year”. However, these guys actually meant it! If I needed to come in a bit late due to a school play, shoot off because of last-minute child care changes or I needed to work from home because yet again there had been an accident at Stockport Pyramid and traffic was backed up. 

They gave me all of the tools I would need to storm the market, one of which being the VoiceIQ application itself. Naturally, with working from home and flexible working I was happy to pick things up at 9 pm or on the weekend, with Mrs Rostron obsessed with I’m a celeb I had nothing better to do anyway… 

I am almost 4 months into my journey with VoiceIQ now and can see everything coming together, some projects that were in their infancy are now coming into fruition and I am excited to see them go-live. Also, thanks to our world-class engineers (who really are the smartest people I have ever worked with), the platform has evolved so much for the better and the product is accelerating at a pace where I can’t see anybody keeping up. 

Onwards and upwards for VoiceIQ!

P.S oh and if you are after some cutting edge voice analytics software, hit me up ;) 

Leigh Rostron
Business Development Manager

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