Zoom is great but how can you talk to customers and prospects?

Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack are all fantastic tools to help internal communication whilst working from home, but what about your customers, how can they talk to you?

The problem with phone systems for remote working

The problem with the majority of phone systems, physical or software based, is that they just don’t work for remote teams. In fact you might have found this out already and face the choice of whether to abandon the office phone system and muddle through some way of replicating on mobiles. Or keep the office open just to keep answering the phones - which is now not even an option and rightly so!

So why aren’t existing phone systems appropriate for home working? Well in the first instance, there could by physical limitations. If your phone system is purely or even partly deskphone-based, asking your teams to take them home and plug into their home routers is simply not an option. Similarly, if you have a softphone system, more often than not, these are licenced installs to specific computers, making it impossible to ‘take-home’ without paying for new licences. 

The problems with video conferencing and messaging tools

Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, they are all fanatics tools, but their use cases are fairly limited in scope. 

For example, Microsoft Teams and Slack are great for instant messaging colleagues or even firing up a video conference, but they are more or less limited to internal communication. In a B2B environment you might invite customers to a shared Slack channel, but what about prospects and new leads who want to reach out to you? What is the solution for B2C?

Zoom, again, a fantastic tool that is surging in popularity but it doesn't help your existing and potential customers get hold of you. 

Skype, along with it’s calling and video conferencing, does offer the ability to do inbound and outbound calling but how do you inform your customers which number to call? How can you set up call routing? How do you stop call costs spiralling out of control? In practice, Skype too is not a viable option. 

What you need!

Firstly, you need to keep using the aforementioned tools, they are crucial for helping your company operate as close to normal efficiency as possible. But as a business, survival during this time requires more than just keeping it together, you still need to talk to customers and you still need customers and new customers talking to you.

You need to keep the same company contact numbers that you have always had, distributing a compilation of mobile numbers in a bodged attempt to assemble a crude phone system is not the way forward.

Your customers want to feel like it’s business as usual and they expect to be served just as quick. You need a robust phone system that can allow this, whilst keeping your teams working from home. 

And finally, you need a solution that doesn’t require hours of training or complex implementation. With your teams all working from home, wasting time on learning a new system is not something you can afford.

What is the best Zoom alternative?

Voice communication is one of the most effective forms of communication and the fact remains that the majority of consumers, in both B2B and B2C, prefer to speak with someone. So whilst chatbots and emails are powerful comms channels and can be easily set up for your home workers, why not offer your prospects and customers the full range of channels they desire. 

VoiceIQ is a softphone web application that can be accessed from anywhere, making it the ideal solution for your remote teams. Additionally, mirroring existing numbers, setting up teams and mapping call routing is incredibly simple and can be done in minutes. 

But that’s not all! 

Here at VoiceIQ we want to help companies maintain ‘business as usual’ where possible through this less-than-usual time. 

We have released a ‘Home Workers’ package which includes all of Essentials and personal training for each of your users via phone or video.

You can try it FREE for a month when you buy our annual plan, or get started for just £20 per month with no contract and no commitment, the choice is yours!

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