10 Ways Voice Is Changing Business For The Better

Communication is key – in business and beyond. As we step forward into the digital age, AI voice technology has the ability to totally transform the way we do business and dramatically increase customer satisfaction, sales and revenue. Businesses of all shapes and sizes across the globe need to be implementing sophisticated AI voice technology so they can move forward into the future of communication. Here are 10 stats that show how voice technology is changing the game: 

1. Over 1 billion voice devices have been sold, as of 2018. Voice communication is becoming more popular for customers and businesses alike.

2. 83% of customers still prefer to talk with a real person over the phone to resolve customer service issues. 

3. 75% of marketing and risk executives plan on implementing AI and machine learning technology for their analytic platforms. 

4. AI technology is proven to increase ROI by providing live feedback on calls.

5. Over 75% of employers are placing more emphasis on communication skills. With voice software, every employee can improve their communication skills and increase their sales prospects.

6. According to Hubspot Sales Survey, 74% of salespeople believe they are well prepared for calls, whilst only 45% of buyers agree. The disconnect here shows that calls need to be better tailored – more intelligent. We can do this with AI software. 

7. 80% of businesses have already implemented or are planning on implementing AI customer service solutions 2020. 

8. According to Gartner, natural language processing is the most popular form of AI used in businesses.

9. Mobility is increasingly important for the modern business, since almost three quarters of employees are expected to be mobile by 2020. Businesses need efficient voice communication more than ever.

10. It is expected that AI technology will increase business productivity by up to 40% within the next 15 years. 

A rapidly growing number of businesses are harnessing the power of voice. With AI voice technology, you too can give your customers exactly what they want – personalization, connection, ease. AI powered phone systems optimize communication, from predictive call scheduling, to automatic call logging, to streamlined CRM integration. Say NO MORE to wasting time, effort, and sales opportunities! With VoiceIQ, everyone becomes an expert. 

Give your business the power of voice with VoiceIQ.

Maliha Shoaib
Copy Writer

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