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The Power of Voice Technology for Business

For years, voice technology has played a central part in all of our daily lives. We’ve relied on smart speakers to help us out with our daily routines, used voice notes to chat with family and friends - and even enjoyed the new voice-activated features our favourite social platforms have rolled out in 2020. But in response to this boom in consumers’ demand for voice tech, new voice-first tools and platforms are creating more opportunities for conversation between customers and businesses than ever. Today, we’ll be diving into how voice technology is revolutionising business in three key areas; customer support, marketing and online accessibility. We’ll also be exploring the major and transformative benefits of getting on board with these trends. 

VoiceNotes 3.0 - March 2020

COVID-19, like for every business, has had quite the impact on VoiceIQ and in this edition of VoiceNotes, we’ll be discussing what impact it has had on us as company, what we’ve done to try and help our customers and what we plan to do to help the national response.But that’s not all we’ve been up to in March…Thanks to the incredible work from our development team, we continue to grow our international customer base AND launch VoiceIQ CRM - our very own CRM system. 

Zoom is great but how can you talk to customers and prospects?

Voice communication is one of the most effective forms of communication and the fact remains that the majority of consumers, in both B2B and B2C, prefer to speak with someone. So whilst Zoom and Slack is great for internal comms, how do your customers and prospects talk to you?

What is the best CRM for startups and small business?

If you’re a small business or a newly formed startup, it doesn’t take long to get overwhelmed with trying to track your leads, opportunities and customers. In fact you’re probably crumbling under a combination of emails, spreadsheets and documents as you read this. Don’t panic! Since you’re reading this blog, you’ve recognised that now is the time for a CRM and all that remains is the small matter of deciding which is the best for you...

How To Create The Best Sales Software Toolkit For Free

The best free sales software & the best free marketing software. Ideal for small businesses and startups ,this guide selects some of the best free sales and marketing tools.

VoiceNotes 2.0 - February 2020

Another month gone and another opportunity to get to know what we’ve been up to at VoiceIQ since our last VoiceNotes. In this edition we discuss the addition of VoiceIQ’s CRM, new and improved pricing, the start of free trials and our government funded R&D project.

10 Shocking Sales Performance Stats

The most important sales performance stats to look out for. Ignore them at your business’ peril! 

Starting up - My first few months at VoiceIQ

A few words from BDM, Leigh Rostron, on life at VoiceIQ.

Voice Notes 1.0 - January 2020

With the start of a new decade, we realised we needed a new way to show off all our hard work and give some more insight into what goes on behind the closed doors of the mysterious VoiceIQ R&D labs

10 Ways Voice Is Changing Business For The Better

Communication is key – in business and beyond. As we step forward into the digital age, AI voice technology is the way to go, with intelligent software helping to increase customer satisfaction, sales and revenue.

My Startup: VoiceIQ, Manchester

The future of communication? VoiceIQ has created an AI-powered phone system to enable "unrecognisably better conversations."

0204 - The New London Number

From the 1st October, London will gain 10 million more landline phone numbers as Ofcom introduces the new 0204 area code.

VoiceIQ Shortlisted for National Digital Awards

Last week, VoiceIQ was shortlisted as a finalist for the AI Innovation award at the 2019 Digital Entrepreneur Awards (DEAs).

We love an AI frenzy!

Thursday, 6 December 2018 | 17:30–19:30TusPark Newcastle Eagle Lab, 27 Grainger Street, NE1 5JE

VoiceIQ and CRM: The New Partnership For Better Customer Relationships

Voice engagement needs to be part of every company’s customer relationship strategy

When do I need to ask consent to record calls?

GDPR is complex so we’ve created this quick guide that explains what you need to do to stay on the right side of the law

VoiceIQ at Salesforce World Tour London 2019

The brilliant Salesforce World Tour made landfall in London on the 23rd May and what a day it was!

Deskphone vs Softphone: 10 Reasons to switch to Softphones

It’s time to ditch your tired deskphones and step ahead into the communication revolution!

AI Tells Staff The Perfect Time To Call

Tech start-up VoiceIQ uses artificial intelligence to work out the best and worst times for sales staff to try and clinch a deal