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VoiceIQ is best for...

Supercharged Sales
Streamlined Support
Amazing Analytics
Care-free Compliance
VoiceIQ is best for

Supercharged Sales

Sales can be tricky, VoiceIQ is the rocket fuel to make every one of your sales agents a rock star!

Reaching voicemail is a revenue killer, VoiceIQ’s Predictive Call Scheduling calculates the best time to call customers, significantly increasing your call connection rates.

With live script guidance and call coaching, you can be sure your agents are saying the right thing, at the right time, in the right way.

VoiceIQ’s NLP makes sure that your agents never miss a sale again with automatic detection of new sales opportunities.

An accurate and up to date CRM is the lifeblood of any sales operation. VoiceIQ automates all CRM admin enabling your agents to spend less time doing admin and more time selling!

VoiceIQ is best for

Streamlined Support

Increase satisfaction and delight your customers with every interaction.

When it comes to customer service and support, it’s all about human to human interactions. With VoiceIQ’s Intelligent Call Routing, support calls are routed to agents based on factors including mutual availability, previous call success, average call sentiment, and personality matching.

With CRM integration and previous call activity, recordings and topic bookmarks, your agents have all the information they need to make every call a success. Maximise your CRM investment and deliver a true 360 degree experience for your customers.

No more transferring customers or placing them on hold. VoiceIQ’s Live Coach guides agents with script suggestions and knowledge base integration presents relevant documents to agents in real-time.

VoiceIQ is best for

Amazing Analytics

With integration into softphones, mobile networks, PBX systems and video conferencing tools, VoiceIQ gives 100% visibility of call activity across your entire company with unprecedented voice and performance insights.

Track the performance of your calling campaigns with game-changing accuracy thanks to VoiceIQ’s seamless CRM integrations. Drill down into the details of why campaigns are performing above or below expectations with aggregated bookmark reports.

Know who your best and worst performing agents are. Generate agent specific reports on leads converted, opportunities created, cases resolved and much more. Use bookmarking, recordings and transcriptions to aid training of new and underperforming agents.

Complete customisation of Automated Bookmarks enables VoiceIQ to flag and report on anything you need. Automatically detect and report expletives, rudeness, competitor mentions, call script deviance, the options are endless!

VoiceIQ is best for

Care-free Compliance

Automated compliance and risk mitigation for your sales and service operations.

  • Take the complexity out of GDPR with automatic communication preference bookmarks and instant CRM synchronisation. Store positive consents with bookmarked recordings and transcriptions.
  • Multi-year call storage options with instant recall for 100% MIFID II compliance.
  • Complete PCI compliance with encrypted payment gateways to leading banking merchants.
  • Automatic account verification technology to prevent fraudulent customer account access.
  • Vulnerability detection technology that flags suspected vulnerable customers to prevent instances of mis selling.
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“I wish we switched to VoiceIQ sooner, we used to spend hours on CRM admin. Now it’s all automated”

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